Massage Services

Our massage services have become renowned throughout Springfield due to Mary Ellen’s expert touch that soothes all stresses away. We provide 30, 45 and 60-minute options that we can always work into your busy schedule, and we also specialize in Lovers Massage treatments for couples and Mother/Daughter duo massages that come in 60 or 90-minute sessions!

Dermaplane Services

Dermaplane treatments have become wildly popular in recent years for a whole variety of reasons, including its revolutionary anti-aging effect! Our well-liked Dermapeel treatments also come with comprehensive upper-body massages, and are 75-minute sessions. Our Hair No More Facials do wonders in terms of smoothing and brightening your skin through a cutting-edge exfoliation process, and our Down To The Basics option is a our most affordable solution that goes a long way for a 30-minute session!

Lash and Brow Services

We provide lash and brow services that will fit anyone’s personal preferences, and our lash lifts include tint color choices along with a thicker and fuller appearance for up to 4-6 weeks. Our brow henna services provide a more defined brow through expert shaping techniques and color combinations, which typically lasts around 6-8 weeks. We truly have a lot of lash and brow treatment options, so click the link below to see what would work best for you!


We specialize in facials, and the Signature Mary Ellen Facial is always a great option for those who would also like some upper body attention within these very popular 90-minute sessions. Our Classic ME Facial is a shorter, 60-minute version of the Signature, and our Important Express option is 45 minutes. We also provide a 60-minute Detox Facial that’s a specialized skincare treatment!

Wax Services

We offer many different wax services for our clients, and you can always add on a wax treatment to any of our other Spa services for as little as $10! Our waxes generally last between 15-30 minutes, and we can help you wax your nose, lips, brow, chin, ear or face. We can also utilize a microneedle roller to help rejuvenate your skin’s collagen production and provide a long lasting, younger appearance!

Microdermabrasion Services

Our most popular microdermabrasion option is the Micropeel. This 60-minute treatment thoroughly exfoliates your skin, and then utilizes a chemical peel to leave your skin feeling fantastic and looking a lot younger! Our 60-minute Microfacial is a unique type of facial that goes the extra mile in terms of exfoliation, and also provides a relaxing massage. The 60-minute Detox Facial is a great skincare treatment that provides a comprehensive exfoliation, and helps you clear up any clogged pores!